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From 1st  to  10th of  September – FULL PRICE 110,00 EURO / REDUCED PRICE 90,00 EURO / EXTRA REDUCED PRICE 50,00 EURO

From 1st  to  5th of  September – FULL PRICE 60.00 EURO / REDUCED PRICE 40,00 EURO / EXTRA REDUCED PRICE 23,00 EURO

From 6st  to  10th of  September – FULL PRICE 70,00 EURO / REDUCED PRICE 55,00 EURO / EXTRA REDUCED PRICE 30,00 EURO


1st – 3rd – 4th – 5th- 6th – 7th – 8th  of September – FULL PRICE 15,00 EURO / REDUCED PRICE 12,00 EURO / EXTRA REDUCED PRICE 5,00 EURO

2nd –  9th – 10th  of  September – FULL PRICE 20,00 EURO / REDUCED PRICE 15,00 EURO / EXTRA REDUCED PRICE 10,00 EURO

REDUCED PRICEtickets for: people over 65 years old, presenting an identity document, and young people aged between 13 and 18 years, people enrolled in musical associations and/ or affiliated with the Punta Giara Cultural Association, disabled persons and their helpers .

EXTRA REDUCED PRICEmeans  – tickets for: students and young people up to 12 years aged, presenting an identity document. Conservatory students, public and private schools of music’s members, presenting the membership school card.

FREE TICKET: means- tickets for: disabled people, presenting a disability document .

Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased on request (no booking fee) by email with the applicant’s data, kind of ticket, number of ticket, sending everything to the following address;; the withdrawal may be made directly or at the headquarters of the Cultural Association Punta Giara  (from Monday to Friday from 10am to 13pm; and from 17pm to19pm) or on the same day of the concert at least one hour before the start at the box office adjacent to the area of concerts.

For further information, the secretariat of The Twilight Between Sardinia and Jazz responds to the e-mail address of email. Updates, changes and / or integrations are on the site (News section is now available).