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SHAMANIA by Marilyn Mazur’s

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11 strong women on stage together.

Exuberant and colourful, Marilyn Mazur and her all-female band create dramatic moods, rhythms and intriguing sounds, in a performance that captivates eyes, ears and soul.

When cultures meet, amazing things can happen – Marilyn Mazur is a living proof of this.

Born in New York by Polish and African-American decent and growing up in Denmark, the multinational background formed Mazur to become the multitalented artist she is; a dancer, vocalist, pianist, composer, bandleader and first and foremost an exceptional percussionist.

Mazur carries an impressive list of collaborations with musicians as Miles Davis, Jan Garbarek and Gil Evans to mention a few.

Marilyn Mazur has now created a very unique project, Shamania, a new ensemble with ten outstanding female musicians from Scandinavia, plus the striking Norwegian dancer Tine Erica Aspaas.

This band will take you on a journey through a sprawling ritual landscape, to a meeting with the elemental power of voice, rhythm and movement. Marilyn Mazur has collected and is bringing a truly talented band, with Mazur herself as always contributing to composition and vibrant and powerful percussion.

Marilyn Mazur: percussion, composer/leder

Josefine Cronholm: vocals, percussion

Hildegunn Oiseth: trumpet, goat, horn

Lotte Anker: sax

Sissel Vera Pettersen: sax, vocals

Lis Wessberg: trombone

Makiko Hirabayashi: piano, keyboards

Ellen Andrea Wang: bass

Lisbeth Diers: congas, percussion

Anna Lund: drums

Tina Erica Aspaas: dance, choreography