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The reason of the invention of this project was the need to experience new ways of expression, to get rid of the schematizations that made music feel like trapped inside cages.
The experimentation involves the use of drums and voice as sound material, remixed in real time with live electronics and sound synthesis.
Live electronics is considered as a third sonorous object, which is able to respond and create new bases for rhythmic perception and compositional joints. This object gives us hints for the creation of new environments which one can constantly interact with, bond to the vocal and rhythmic sounds of the drums.
The compositional process is strictly related to the universe’s social and spiritual roots, just like a ritual that winds between the “cages”, the different musical genres, to set them free from their classifications; every rhythm has its own simple root, which isn’t created by humans.
The voice, on the other hand, represents the first form of music that humanity has ever known and that was able to use as a tool to communicate with the others. With communication, it developed and shaped gestures, transformed them into moves, and after that, into dances.
The mixture of voice, movements, rhythm and random rielaboration, gives birth to a new method, bond to nature’s behaviour and that includes everything that’s been already used, but observed from a different angle.
The sound, thanks to several sound sources placed on the four sides of the stalls, will be released so that one can listen to the moving sound. Everything to make the audience feel like it’s surrounded by a sound forest, in which perceptions can change and/or activate different states of consciousness.
The composition of the different parts is constitued by macrostructures that are free to become “something else” spontaneously; factors like the universe, planets, planet earth, mankind, spirit, conscience. The purpose is to create a connection between the “something else”, to make us think about a common wellness, together with the universe and each one of its elements, like a unique “healthy” mass.

Michele Uccheddu: drums

Caterina Gente: singer, performer

Emanuele Balia: electronics