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Greg Burk’s Solar Sound feat. Rob Mazurek

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Rob Mazurek by Cognonato_



“This synergistic union of sound and light explores the vibrations generated by the sun.  Recent recordings by NASA have provided startling aural insight to the rhythms and pitch vibrations of the sun, sun storms and solar flares. These sounds, while they are beyond the ability of the human ear to hear, have been considered sacred for centuries around the world.

The Solar Sounds project offers an organic sound painting and exploration of the aural landscapes of the Sun. New music, composed pianist Greg Burk and cornetist Rob Mazurek , and fleshed out by the pulsating interplay of bassist Marc Abrams and drummer/percussionist Enzo Carpentieri, will explore the soundscapes of the sun, and celebrate its chaotic wonder.  The dancing imagery of artist/digital painter Michele Sambin, will weave into and throughout the sound, transforming the music into light.” (Greg Burk)


Greg Burk (piano e moog);Rob Mazurek (cornetta); Marc Abrams (contrabbasso); Enzo Carpentieri (batteria); Michele Sambin (digital painting)