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Coro di Bitti “Remunnu ‘e Locu”

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Tenores di Bitti


The Tenores di Bitti (Nuoro) Remunnu’e Locu Group was founded in 1974, it is currently composed of : Daniele Cossellu, Group Leader; his role is called “Oche ” and “Mesu oche” (Solo Voice and Low Voice); Mario Pira, “Bassu” (Low Guttural); Pier Luigi Giorno, “Contra” (guttural Controvoce); Dino Ruiu, “Oche” and “Mesu Oche” (Solo voice and Low Voice).
For over forty years this Group operates continuously in their research and study of local traditions and, especially, of the unique type of singing told ” a Tenore”. Their point has always been keeping traditions alive, and  with the Bitti’s Municipality partnership They founded The Tenores School, open to every each young that want to learn the way of singing “a Tenore”. In 1997 the Tenore’s School started a collaboration with the Conservatory of Sassari  making several cultural exchanges.
The Bitti’s Chorus collaborated with artists like Lester Bowie, Ornette Coleman (Cagliari Jazz, Sant’Anna Arresi, Umbria Jazz), Frank Zappa (who called the singing “a Tenore” “bovine music”), and Peter Gabriel, who has published the work of the Group under his record label “Real World” .
The “a Tenore” singing has been recognized by UNESCO as masterpieces of the Italian oral and intangible heritage of humanity. There are many documents about Tenores of Bitti Remunnu ‘eLocu including the documentary “Alle radici della musica sarda – la storia dei Tenores di Bitti dell’Associazione Culturale Sarda “humus” ( The roots of the Sardinian music- The story of the Tenores di Bitti, by the sardinian cultural association “Humus”).


Daniele Cossellu (Oche e Mesu Oche), Mario Pira (Bassu), Pier Luigi Giorno (Contra) , Dino Ruiu (Oche e Mesu Oche)