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ZULA by Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

the southwestern Sardinian jazz festival

ZULA by Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

“Pure genre-smashing magic“ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Zula Since its inception in 2006, Berlin-based Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra has not only redefined the term “large ensemble,” because more importantly, the 18-piece has created a whole new musical language: “Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra dwarfs anything heretofore experienced: Big band brass meets Free Jazz antics, Neue Musik-style compositions meet a unique definition of pop – all thrown into a blender: It’s the kind of sonic cocktail you’ve never tasted before.” (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

A self-organized, independent group of likeminded individuals, AMEO is unlike any other orchestra: It’s a steadily working ensemble with a steady focus on experimentation. Comprised of 18 young, in-demand musicians hailing from various countries and musical backgrounds, its members have previously worked in constellations that couldn’t be more diverse – including Ensemble Intercontemporain, Tony Allen’s Afrobeat, Jazz-Legend Kenny Wheeler, Camerata Bern, and post-conceptual artist Cory Arcangel. Daniel Glatzel, the orchestra’s leader and saxophonist, has been the main composer over the last decade. “A witty musical understanding and collages rich in citations that nevertheless make you forget postmodern arbitrariness, combined with a technical level of musicianship so high and yet far from being an end in itself: mutable, contrasting, subtle.” (Jazzthing)

Widely celebrated for its explosive, intensely fun live shows – surprisingly accessible and infectious despite the musical complexity –, AMEO’s concerts are essentially wild and colorful sonic adventure trips that cannot possibly be repeated or foreseen. “Music that’s incredibly fun, based on intricate, intelligent compositions. Diversity on a terrific level of musicianship.” (BR Klassik)

A permanent laboratory for musical experimentation, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra also curates and organizes events and festivals, which have already been hailed for boasting “one of the most brilliant concepts in Germany” (Hamburger Abendblatt). Apart from touring and playing major festivals throughout Europe, South America, Central Asia, the Far East and Africa (upcoming later this year), the orchestra also caused a stir by collaborating with international heavyweights such as Hermeto Pascoal and The Notwist. “Fantastic. Some of the most detailed jazz-writing you’re likely to find. Clearly a group that stands out and is on the rise.” (BBC Radio)

“Succeeds in fitting a square peg into a round hole.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung


Laure Mourot (flutes), Oliver Roth (flutes), Daniel Glatzel (tenor sax, clarinets), Johannes Schleiermacher (baritone sax, tenor sax, fute), Sebastian Hagele (bassoon), Ritsche Koch (trumpet), Kalle Zeier (guitar ), Maria Schneider (vibraphone), Anna Schneider (harp), Jorg Hochapfel (synthesizer, sample,piano), Mathias Pichler (boublebass), Andi Haberl (drums), Gregoire Simon (violin), Matthew Lonson (violin), Johannes Pennetzdorfer (viola), Martin Stupka (viola), Isabelle Klemt (violoncello)






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