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Popolare Orchestra Italiana – Ambrogio Sparagna

the southwestern Sardinian jazz festival

Popolare Orchestra Italiana – Ambrogio Sparagna

Taranta d’Amore is a great party-show dedicated to the dances of the Italian popular tradition: jigs, saltarelli, ballarelle, pizziche, tammurriate and above all tarantella which is the matrix dance of so many musical traditions of our regions. At the center of the scene, Sparagna, supported by the extraordinary energy and skill of the musicians in the orchestra, creates a great party, a show that manages to animate the square, makes it jump to the whirling rhythm of our popular dances, including accordions, guitars, ciaramelle and tambourines.

During the show, the audience becomes the ‘protagonist of the party’ and slowly, lets itself be overwhelmed by the force of the music and the Maestro’s invitations to dance, clap hands, smile and whistle a melody, sing a refrain and smile for a striking performance.

So bewitched by the energy of the rhythm and fascinated by the variety and originality of the sounds of the popular instruments and by the strength of the voices that sing many different dialects, everyone finds themselves reviving extraordinary suggestions and emotions typical of the ancient Italian peasant festivals.

The Popolare Italiana Orchestra, directed by Ambrogio Sparagna, is an ensemble of voices, accordions, percussion and other traditional instruments that proposes a varied repertoire that embraces different regions of Italy through original projects that often involve special guests.


Ambrogio Sparagna – voice, organs

Valentina Ferraiuolo – tambourines, voice

Erasmo Treglia – torototela, hurdy-gurdy,ciaramella

Clara Graziano – voice, accordion,dance

Cristiano Califano – guitars

Raffaello Simeoni – voice, popular, winds

Diego Micheli – double bass

Ottavio Saviano – drums

Giuseppe Orrù – launeddas

Massimo Congiu – launeddas


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