Piazza Martiri, 3, 09010 Sant Anna Arrresi CI
0781 966102


the southwestern Sardinian jazz festival


Seven woodwinds. Two percussions. Rocksteady, balkan, a real street-orchestra that combines the energy of the street sound bands of the big Thirties bands.

Born in Turin, the Bandakadabra boasts a frenetic activity that led it to perform both in Italy and in the rest of Europe and to gain a growing attention from fans, thanks to a successful combination of music and cabaret and a show capable of conquer any kind of audience.

From the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues FestivalaChalon dans le rues, passing through Jazz sous le pommiers, the Udin Jazze and the Premio Tenco. In four years only, the Bandakadabra has performed hundreds of times throughout Europe, including musical events, theaters, street festivals, establishing itself as a unique artistic reality of its kind.

With the publication of the disc-live Entomology Vol I, this began to spread its music also on national and international radio networks. In addition to being “disk of the week” on Fahrenheit (Radio Rai Tre), Entomology vol. I has been broadcast by Battiti (Radio Rai Tre), L’altra Europa, and in various broadcasts all around the world: from the United States (Splinter and candy, WKR) to the Czech Republic, from the Swiss national radio, (Tender is the night , Rsi) to the Serbian one (Rts), ending up being included in several compilations of ska and rocksteady.

Over the years Bandakadabra has had the opportunity to interactively dialogue as a backing band and to share the stage with artists from different genres: Vinicio Capossela (Quando la banda passò, 2015), the poet Guido Catalano, Samuel (TourinTurin, 2017; Dove Scappi soundtrack of the film A Huna vita spericolata by Marco Ponti, 2018; Docufilm Samuel – il codice della bellezza, 2018) and the rapper Willie Peyote (Festival Proxima, 2017).

Line up:

Gipo Di Napoli – Bass drum and Drolleries

Stefano “Piri” Colosimo – Trumpet

Giulio Piola -Trumpet

Tiziano Di Sansa – Sax alto

Marco Di Giuseppe – Sax tenore

Cecio Grano – Sax tenore

Fillippo Ruà -Tuba, Susafono

Giorgio Giovannini – trombone

Gabriele Luttino – Rolling




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