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the southwestern Sardinian jazz festival

Cultural Association Punta Giara


Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz, it was founded in 1986 by the will of a group of enthusiasts led by Basilio Sulis. In the beginning the festival started as a six-day event with one or two concerts per night. All editions took place during the summer season between the end of August and the first week of September, except for a few occasions in which the concert activity continued during the winter months. The activity consists of concerts, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and national music competitions

Workshop by Marcello Melis

Since 1997, and during the period of the festival, the “Marcello Melis” International Seminars are held in the middle schools of the town, dedicated to the memory of the Sardinian double bass player Marcello Melis, a true symbol of the island jazz, who died prematurely 1994. The courses are taught by a qualified teaching staff, composed of Italian and foreign musicians present at the festival but also by professors coming from Columbia College of Chicago.

In their twelfth edition, the seminars have contributed to the emergence of artists such as Silvia Bolognesi, Andrea Massaria, Paolo Angeli and Piero Bittolo Bon.

The exhibitions

Another collateral activity parallel to the festival is the one entitled Racconto per Immagini, a workshop dedicated to photographers, who have the opportunity to follow lessons held by photographers who are part of the most important photo agencies, such as the Magnum, the Phocus and the Mephisto. The lessons are held by a teaching staff formed by Luciano Rossetti and Luca D’Agostino, founders of the Phocus Agency. Not to forget the publications produced by the Cultural Association Punta Giara, as Tender Warrior: The legacy of Eric Dolphy produced in 2004 to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the disappearance of the American multi-instrumentalist. But also The Art of Miles Davis, a volume dedicated to the lesser-known talent of Alton’s trumpet player: painting. The Launeddas manual by Carlo Mariani deserves special mention, a technical-theoretical compendium on the study of the Sardinian instrument, intended for students of lower secondary schools.

This year, the Competition “Marcello Melis” is dedicated to Eric Dolphy: the competition announcement foresees the challenging, as stimulating, interpretation of two pieces – The Prophet and Fire Waltz – contained in the sessions at the Five Spot. It will also give life to the conference on the art and personality of the musician, «” Tender Warrior “: the musical legacy of Eric Dolphy 40 years after his death». Musicians, scholars, journalists and organizers from all over the world will take part. American musician, journalist and writer Mike Zwerin has collaborated with Dolphy in the US Orchestra, a pioneering initiative presenting contemporary and jazz music concerts; Zwerin’s intervention will be centered on this direct experience of common work. Alan Saul manages the richest and most documented website on Dolphy, and will summarize the knowledge on the audio and video recordings of his music, also presenting rare or unpublished films; Graham Connah, a Californian pianist who has dedicated himself in particular to the music of Dolphy presenting it in concert with his group, will analytically examine the importance of his compositions; Gérard Rouy, a French journalist and photographer, has specially collected a series of testimonies from contemporary jazz musicians on the impact of Dolphy’s music on them; Paul Karting, the organizer of the 1964 Dutch tour during which Dolphy recorded “Last Date” will present complete information about that period, and the conference will also be attended by Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink, who played with Dolphy on this occasion. Finally, the Italian journalist Claudio Sessa, who has dedicated specific attention to Dolphy in a series of articles on Jazz Music, will dedicate his speech to the influence of Dolphy on the avant-garde of Afro-American music, from Albert Ayler to the musicians of AACM. The meeting will be concluded by a round table of synthesis between all the speakers coordinated by Francesco Martinelli, to whom the Festival has entrusted the realization of the initiative “.