Piazza Martiri, 3, 09010 Sant Anna Arrresi CI
0781 966102

ODD TIME by Kassa Overall, Kool A.D & Dada Powell

the southwestern Sardinian jazz festival

ODD TIME by Kassa Overall, Kool A.D & Dada Powell


Kool & Kass are peaceful solutions, a syncretic supersoul thet harnesses the magnanimity of the pacific and atlantic oceans through raps thet merely sound like the English language but are in fact both astral and southern hemispheric in spirit and rhythmic nature.

Kassa Overall and Kool A.D are both multi genre multi instrumentalist with various skillsets and artist approaches. In the live show setting they both alternative between DJ, percussionist, rapper and sound designer. This mode of expression is very stimulating for the listener who can see composition and expression come to life in an extremely organic and meaningful way.







Kassa Overall: drums

Kool A.D: vocals, dj

Dapa Powell: vocals



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