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Month: April 2018

the southwestern Sardinian jazz festival

PIANO SOLO by Cooper Moore

Cooper Moore As a composer, performer, instrument builder/designer, storyteller, teacher, mentor, and organizer, Cooper-Moore has been a major, if somewhat behind-the-scenes, catalyst in the world of creative music for over 30 years. As a child prodigy Cooper-Moore played piano in churches near his birthplace in the Piedmont region of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. His performance roots…
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Megalodon Collective: In search of new musical territories, seven of the most outstanding young improvising musicians in the vibrant Trondheim Jazz scene gathers in Megalodon Collective. Megalodon was the septets first album release, where composed material as well as improvised parts are presented with freedom and passion. Inspirations from film music, outer space, free jazz, improv, noise, classical and…
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FULL BLAST by Peter Brötzmann special guest Heather Leigh

“Fire music of the highest quality (wordsandmusic)” FULL BLAST: Back from very successful tours through USA/CAN/Europe/Egypt/Israel/Russia/Brazil/Japan (Seattle/Earshot Jazzfestival, Winnipeg/Send&Receive Festival, New York/Knitting Factory, Chicago/Empty Bottle, NYC/Tonic, Berkeley/ Jazzhouse, Victoria/Openspace, Tampere Jazz Happening, Academy of Arts Berlin, AudioArt Krakow, Angelica Festival Bologna, Moers Festival, Lisbon Jazzfestival, Long Arms Moscow, Aposition Festival St.Petersburg, Beta Project Pau, Mediawave Györ, Sonic Protest Paris, Enjoy…
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Named after a character from the novel “Doktor Faustus” by Thomas Mann, the Serenus Zeitblom Octet works with compositions between chaos and structure, the fragmented and united, free improvisation and classical score. Music as a subconscious, “demonical territory” – as the Faustus-Novel states. Founded in 2013 in Berlin by the composer, electric bass player and…
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Rubatong is a group initiated by Han Buhrs. There’s Luc Ex, an improvising bassist that once started off playing punk (THE EX), Tatiana Koleva, a percussionist who is usually engaged in performing the sophisticated precision of contemporary classical music, René van Barneveld, a guitarist that is known for mixing rock and rap music (URBAN DANCE SQUAD), but never abandoned…
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ZULA by Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

“Pure genre-smashing magic“ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Zula Since its inception in 2006, Berlin-based Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra has not only redefined the term “large ensemble,” because more importantly, the 18-piece has created a whole new musical language: “Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra dwarfs anything heretofore experienced: Big band brass meets Free Jazz antics, Neue Musik-style…
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IN ORDER TO SURVIVE by William Parker

William Parker is a master musician, improviser, and composer. He plays the bass, shakuhachi, double reeds, tuba, donso ngoni and gembri. He was born in 1952 in the Bronx, New York. He studied bass with Richard Davis, Art Davis, Milt Hinton, Wilber Ware, and Jimmy Garrison. He entered the music scene in 1971 playing at Studio…
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BATTLE PIECES by Nate Wooley

Nate Wooley’s Battle Pieces was conceived as a background for an improviser, working with linguistics, tape processes and aleatoric concepts to fashion an ever-shifting composition that supplies the soloist with specific musical information within the context of an ever-changing series of densities, velocities and silences. Each member of the quartet is soloist for one piece,…
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Andrea Massaria Octet “Zappa speech project”

The name says it all, “Zappa speech”, the latest project by Andrea Massaria that pays tribute to one of the greatest musical geniuses of the twentieth century, Frank Zappa.“Zappa speech” means that  the project consists of  Zappa’s speech extracts ( interviews mostly ) that he has released during his career; extracts transformed into music and…
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”HIDROSZAP” direct by Mats Gustafsson

HIDROSZAP Nu Ensemble is a free improvising group originating from Sweden, started in 1988. Nu Ensemble was part of the building up of the Swedish free improvised music scene in the late 80´s. A scene that became one  of the strongest in Europa with names like Fredrik Ljungkvist, Magnus Broo, Christian Munthe, David Stackenäs and the members…
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