Piazza Martiri, 3, 09010 Sant Anna Arrresi CI
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Month: March 2017

the southwestern Sardinian jazz festival


The reason of the invention of this project was the need to experience new ways of expression, to get rid of the schematizations that made music feel like trapped inside cages. The experimentation involves the use of drums and voice as sound material, remixed in real time with live electronics and sound synthesis. Live electronics…
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The Kassa Overall Trio is a think tank thet takes the concepts and repertoire of jazz legends and morphs them into modern perspective. Artist like Thelonius Monk, Yusef Lateef, Max Roach and John Coltrane All have much to give to today’s music world, not to be copied but to be used as inspiration for new…
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ODD TIME by Kassa Overall, Kool A.D & Dada Powell

ODD TIME Kool & Kass are peaceful solutions, a syncretic supersoul thet harnesses the magnanimity of the pacific and atlantic oceans through raps thet merely sound like the English language but are in fact both astral and southern hemispheric in spirit and rhythmic nature. Kassa Overall and Kool A.D are both multi genre multi instrumentalist…
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SHAMANIA by Marilyn Mazur’s

(Esclusiva) SHAMANIA: Eleven strong women on stage together. Exuberant and colourful, Marilyn Mazur and her all-female band create dramatic moods, rhythms and intriguing sounds, in a performance that captivates eyes, ears and soul. When cultures meet, amazing things can happen – Marilyn Mazur is a living proof of this. Born in New York by Polish…
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(Esclusiva) PUNJAB: Joe Chambers has worked with some of the most influential jazz figures of the last several decades and is a recognized perfomer and composer whose works have been performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. As a sideman and leader, Chambers has recorded more than 500 albums and CDs. He has performed and…
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(Esclusiva) M’BOOM REPERCUSSION: M’Boom was the brainchild of Max Roach, the late percussionist, visionary, and seminal figure of modern jazz. In 1970, Roach gathered six notable drummers – percussionists to explore and compose for the myriad instruments in the percussion family and named the group “M’Boom.” M’Boom (pronounced ’em-boom) has a double meaning: it is…
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(Prima assoluta) TIZIANO TONONI & SUSIE IBARRA Blending unique styles and sounds , drummers/percussionists Tiziano Tononi and Susie Ibarra premiere a new suite of percussion duets they have created in homage to new and old rhythmic rituals of the natural world.  This concert is dedicated to the great drummer/percussionist Max Roach. Tiziano Tononi is one…
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Virelles was born in Cuba in 1983 and grew up in Santiago. His father is José Aquiles, a singer-songwriter; his mother was a Santiago de Cuba Symphony flautist. Virelles started classical piano studies at the age of seven and heard various forms of Cuban music during his childhood. He met Canadian musician Jane Bunnett in Cuba and…
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(Produzione originale) Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love have played together since 2000 in various settings & as duo since 2002. The duo work within free expression while including a strong element of heavy rhythmic groove, melody, sound & noise. Together, they join Andy Moor & Terrie Ex of Dutch legends THE EX, who are known…
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Sylvie Courvoisier is a pianist, composer, sideman and band leader .Born In Lausanne, Switzerland, Courvoisier moved to New York in 1998 and has lived in Brooklyn since that time. She has led several groups over the years and has recorded over 60 records for different labels, notably ECM , Tzadik and Intakt Records. Courvoisier has performed…
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